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I think that everyone is capable of having great ideas. I love the ones that you think are brilliant but you then get that blank expression when you try to explain the concept to someone else; why can they not just for a moment share your vision!

My inspiration came back in the early seventies. ‘The world needed rubber speed ramps’. I guessed that everyone was fed up driving over those lumpy concrete humps and doing damage to their car.

Ground breaking concepts can be a very tricky business. Take James Dyson and his new bagless vacuum cleaner. Such a clever idea and yet it took years, a horrid pink version and the Japanese market to get things going for him.

It does help if your inspiration solves a problem and if you are lucky, other ideas (and sleepless nights) will surely follow. You can see examples of my lifetimes work on this web site. Of course I have enjoyed every minute just don’t tell the bus driver my secret . . .

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Beverley Ward

Other products in the portfolio include rubber wall and floor buffers; manual and electric traffic barriers; hose and cable ramps; modular speed ramps and speed bumps; electronic parking deterrents; loading bay bumpers, traffic mirrors, traffic signs, health and safety signs, parking buffers, one way traffic flaps; crash barrier; safety handrail; corner protection buffers; steel bollards and parking posts to name but a few.