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I think that everyone is capable of having great ideas. I love the ones that you think are brilliant but you then get that blank expression when you try to explain the concept to someone else; why can they not just for a moment share your vision! 

My inspiration came back in the early seventies. ‘The world needed rubber speed ramps’. I guessed that everyone was fed up driving over those lumpy concrete humps and doing damage to their car. 

Ground breaking concepts can be a very tricky business. Take James Dyson and his new bagless vacuum cleaner. Such a clever idea and yet it took years, a horrid pink version and the Japanese market to get things going for him.

It does help if your inspiration solves a problem and if you are lucky, other ideas (and sleepless nights) will surely follow. You can see examples of my lifetimes work on this web site. Of course I have enjoyed every minute just don’t tell the bus driver my secret . . .

Hazard on Tomorrow's World

Everybody has to start somewhere. Back in 1972 I had an idea about rubber speed bumps instead of concrete and asphalt so I wrote to the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World top rated science program. Amazingly, they were interested and they wrote back asking for samples of these proposed speed bumps but under no circumstances was I to go down to London and their offices, so I went the next day . . . Of course the producers at Television Centre were brilliant; scary but definitely brilliant! Something on the lines of “I thought I told you not to come down to London!”

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Our technical team are standing by to answer any technical questions you might have about Life, The Universe and Everything (oh, and and wheel buffers too).

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We’re immensely proud of the products we’ve created, so much so that we’re happy to share our library of technical drawings with you in PDF format.

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