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Only Fools and Horses

What a Plonker!


One of the smaller problems we solved was for the BBC. John Sullivan the writer had an idea for a visual joke in the Christmas special but there was a problem with the location in Bristol.

John’s joke was that Rodney’s new job found by Del was chief mourner and he was very angry. When Del and Trigger started shouting at him Rodney forgot what he was doing and led the funeral cars the wrong way up a one-way street…


The BBC film crew knew there was no-one way signage at the location, how to put two 3 metre steel posts with large No Entry signs on the pavement for just a couple of hours for the filming.


Film the scene on ‘bin’ day.

We made two large and very heavy steel bases with a spigot that the 3 metre traffic posts sat on and then because it was ‘bin day’ with piles of black bags waiting to be collected from the pavement put some of black rubbish bags at the base of our posts covering the steel bases…

Only Fools and Horses

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