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Crash barrier on highway

Barrier Ends

Tensioned steel rails to improve highway safety

Steel rails have an established record worldwide in improving Highway safety. In most applications the steel rails are assembled in long unbroken runs of barrier terminating at intervals into solid concrete foundations.

High speed impacts create an enormous amount of energy
 that has to be deflected and absorbed by the safety rails, the terminals and their substantial concrete foundations are the key to the safety performance required by the Highway Authorities.

Each run of installed steel crash barrier rail
 is tensioned at the terminal ends. Each unbroken run of rails is cranked together, greatly improving the strength of the whole installation.

We supply for “off the highway” installations
. The safety requirement is still high but these installations are looking to protect property from low speed impacts. Hazard steel barrier is assembled and left un-tensioned and is widely used in internal and external locations.

The major safety concern is how to terminate
 a run of single or double hazard steel barrier. There are choices; a compact and brightly coloured plastic end cap that simply slides into place after the barrier has been assembled; steel swirl ends that are suitable for barrier installations where pedestrians may be walking; and the standard end wing that is normally used for installations with only vehicle movements.

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Product FAQs

Do I need to protect the end of a run of barrier rail? 
Yes, exposed ends of rail can create a safety issue and need protecting.

Where would I use yellow plastic end caps? 
Internal installations will have a mix of pedestrian and lift truck movements. Brightly coloured end caps clearly identify where the steel rail is terminating.

Where would I use the steel swirl ends? 
Both internal and external installations where there is a greater risk of impact. The swirl end has a good safety profile reducing the risk of injury to pedestrians or accidental damaget to vehicles.

Where would I use the standard steel end wing? 
The splayed steel end wing is used in external locations, they terminate a run of barrier rail and help protect the installation from vehicle impact damage.

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