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Car driving over a speed ramp

BART Speed Ramps

Calm traffic safely and reduce the risk of accidents

The heavily ribbed BART ramp was inspired after talking to our customers. Some people wanted the toughest solid rubber speed ramp in the world, something that you could typically install in the tough environment of a waste transfer station where 100’s of fully laden HGVs would arrive and depart everyday. However we had to strike a note of caution, increasing the height of the ramp seemed a logical step, but virtually all sites will have some cars and small vans driving around. Very few ‘off the highway’ locations are purely for HGV use.

So the height of the BART ramp was fixed at 70mm high, the next step was to make the appearance of the speed ramp as heavily ribbed as possible. We were well aware that most drivers slowed down with their eyesight and overall awareness as they approached ramps. Drivers did not judge the effectiveness of a speed ramp by driving over at speed and then slowing down next time, more likely they came to the conclusion to slow down by looking at the ramp as they approached!

The solid rubber BART speed ramp is designed for safe speeds on site of 5 to 10mph.
 The heavily ribbed rubber surface gives all drivers the maximum visual warning and you can install this type of speed ramp with confidence in any location.

There is a choice of very proven fixings for a fast installation. The standard surface mounted plate with anchor bolts and nylon fixing plugs or the BART ramp can be drilled through the top and concealed fixed with the anchor bolt inside the ramp. Both fixing systems work on concrete, asphalt or block surfaces.

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Product FAQs

Why use rubber instead of concrete or asphalt?
Hazard invented (1971) the idea of using rubber to manufacture speed ramps to enforce and control traffic speeds without any damage to vehicles.

How high are the ramps and can all types of vehicles drive over? There are three versions, 70mm high, 60mm and 50mm for speeds from5 to 20 m.p.h., and everything from a Smart car to HGVs can drive over.

Will the ramps slow my traffic down?Yes, drivers will slow down and pass over our ramps safely but, to be effective, ramps and signs have to be seen, whatever the conditions.

Are these speed ramps safe?
Manufactured from truck tyre stock rubber to prevent any damage tovehicles as they pass over, SpeedStoppers® are designed to be much more effective than the MOT guidelines of 100mm high ramps in urban areas!

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