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Cable Ramps and Signs

Protect cables large and small from traffic

CR10 Cable Ramps take all types and volumes of traffic when bolted securely in place. Our steel “clamp” fixing plates can be fitted at any point along the cable ramp’s leading edges. Installation is simple, the ramp is supplied cut to size, there’s no marking out. You simply drill through the holes in the fixing plate, 14mm for concrete and blocks and 13mm for asphalt and tarmac. 

Hazard CR10 Cable Ramp
 has a 60mm wide and 30mm deep slot for cables running throughout its length. We offer to ship the Cable Ramp the exact size for your site. The black ramp has bright yellow stripes to give drivers the maximum warning that they are approaching a cable ramp. It is also important to use warning and speed limit signs to control and enforce safe speeds.

Manufactured in a solid EPDM rubber compound 
similar to tyre stock for a long service life. We can supply Cable Ramps from ½ metre up to a maximum of 3 metres in one piece; longer ramps will simply have a butt joint. Taking the shape and following the camber of the road, the solid rubber Cable Ramp can be installed in minutes avoiding costly road closures and down time. The galvanised fixing kit packs are supplied with anchor bolts for a secure installation. Security Collars can also be used on the anchor bolts making the Cable Ramp tamperproof.

All black extruded cable ramps (CR), 
there is a wide choice to protect everything from office cables to warehouse and site traffic. Solid rubber with an integral slot that can be easily split along the base to accommodate cables with moulded plugs. Designed for installations that need to be simply laid in place.

Smart Cable Ramps are moulded tough black rubber with yellow cable lids;
 the correct hazard warning colours and they will take all types of traffic. The 890mm long x 580mm wide Smart Cable Ramps sections simply interlocks together to form a continuous cable ramp. There is a three and five slot version available and both versions can be securely bolted down or simply laid on the surface for short-term temporary use.

5 slots 50mm deep x 40mm wide
890mm long x 580mm
Weight 22 kilos

3 slots 50mm deep x 70mm wide
890mm long x 580mm
Weight 23 kilos

Modular speed ramps have a 25mm x 25mm slot 
moulded into underneath both the yellow and black sections. If speed bumps are installed as a cable ramp no end caps will be required.

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How large a range of cable protectors is available?
Everything from small office cables up to extra large irrigation hoses are covered by our range.  For more information give us a call 0121 446 4433.

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