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Car Park Posts

Car Park Posts protect your individual parking space

Standfast (SSF) Car Posts protect your individual parking space. Sited in the middle of the parking space the post is locked in the up position to keep your space, on arrival the driver can quickly lower the post to
allow the car to safely drive over and park.

The integral key lock is mounted at the top
 of the Standfast Car Park Post for easy operation. The post is left in the down position whilst the car is parking and raised when the vehicle exits. The integral lock triggers 
automatically when the post is in the up position.

The standard post colour is yellow.
 Posts can also be supplied in a galvanised finish. A master key (to pass) can be supplied to operate any number of Standfast Posts on a site or posts can be individually locked. The sturdy bolt down metal base is designed to be located on to either a concrete deck or a concrete pad set into asphalt.

The Standfast Post is 625mm high x 63mm diameter. There is also a padlocked version (SSFL) that can be locked in both the upright and lowered position.

Mole Posts (TMP)
 drop into the ground until it is the post is flush with the top surface removing any potential trip hazard. Mole Posts offer security and can be used on garage forecourts, car parks, driveways and for cordoning 
off areas around a site.

Secured in the upright position by a padlock at the bottom of the galvanised casing, the post is easy to operate and pull out of the ground. Heavy duty steel construction ensures a long service life with low maintenance costs. 
The post is 650mm high from ground level.

Anti-Ram Post (ARP/1) 
is a proven design to protect retail shop fronts, warehouses and property from the risk of ram raiders. Hot dipped galvanised after manufacture for long service life without corrosion.

Key operated, the Anti-Ram Post is pulled or lowered into its concrete encased sleeve. The post is secured with a padlock, concealed in the metal flange.

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Product FAQs

I want to protect my shop front/garage frontage?
Installing Mole or Anti Ram Posts that sink into the ground is a very effective deterrent and they fit flush with the ground level when not in use.

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