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ColumnStopper Protection
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Rubber buffers reduce the impact of damage caused by fast moving warehouse traffic

Solid rubber ColumnStoppers will help reduce the risk of accidental damage to steel ‘I’ beams

ColumnStopper solid rubber wrap around protection reduces the risk of impact damage by fast moving warehouse traffic. The heavy-duty rubber conveyor belting is cut to size to suit your site. When the optimum diameter has been established the length of rubber protector is machine cut to size.

A heavy-duty metal split connector
is mechanically fitted at our factory before shipping. Installation is straightforward; the ColumnStopper is wrapped around the column, the metal zipped connector lined up and the locking pin is quickly and securely hammered into place.

When the ColumnStopper
is in position it can be easily and quickly filled with aggregate. There is a choice; low cost washed pea sized gravel or rubber crumb particles, manufactured by shredding recycled EPDM black rubber sheeting or used HGV tyres.

gives maximum protection to the steelwork that forms the structural frame of most modern warehouse buildings. Modern warehousing is a high-density workplace environment with storage space at a premium. The standard height for ColumnStopper protection is 1500mm and we offer a machine cut to size service. For details and more information please give us a call on 0121 446 4433.

Our proven range of heavy-duty push fit column buffers (CN8)
can also be adapted to work in the warehouse work place. The solid rubber buffer pushed firmly in place on to the ‘I’ beam and there are no holes to be drilled in the steel column.

Frequently Asked Questions about this product
Our warehouse columns get a lot of damage. Which product do I use?
The ColumnStopper is made using conveyor solid rubber to take low speed impact from warehouse traffic.