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Crash barrier on highway

Combination Handrails

Steel handrails/crash barriers that are quick and easy to assemble

Steel safety combo handrail is designed to be quickly and easily assembled, using just an allen key to secure the system at the fixed ball joints. The top rail is preset 1100mm from the ground level, which is ideal for a handrail but too high to climb over easily. 

The steel middle rail is preset at 550mm and runs the entire length of an Installation preventing anyone from climbing through the barrier. With uprights set at 1500mm centres, the safety combo handrail presents a very clear message – stay this side, this barrier is here to keep you safe. 

For locations where there are lift truck movements, the safety combo can be used to create safe walkways. Modern logistics demand a fast moving pace in their warehouses. The introduction of steel crash rails on the side exposed to the traffic is therefore an important safety feature. The safety combo handrail keeps people focused on using the safe designated walkways. 

The extended base of the safety combo is simply bolted into place
with two 20/120mm anchor bolts at 1500mm centres approx. The safety combo has two distinct sides; one for pedestrians and one for lift truck traffic helping reduce the risks of accidents. 

Installed in long runs in modules of 3.2 metres,
 the compact design allows access points by simply terminating the steel safety rail with swirl ends and the handrails with ‘U’ bends. Standard 90 degree corner bends are available plus we will fabricate the system to follow any safety route you might have planned.

The safety combo handrail system is hot dipped galvanized after manufacture, keeping maintenance to a minimum. Plastic or aluminium safety signage can be clipped in between the top and middle rail reminding pedestrians that they are walking in a safety zone and that there is only authorised access at the designated spots.

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Product FAQs

How wide should my walkway be and do I need to paint it?
The preferred width is 1500mm with a minimum of 1000mm. The use of floor graphics or coloured floor surfaces designating the walkway will help keep people focused.

Is the positioning of the uprights flexible?
Yes. The barrier rail can be drilled on site allowing the handrail uprights to be located to suit your site.

How can I get a quotation?
We can give you a budget cost per linear metre run but for a fixed offer we would need a drawing or sketch showing the layout and access points, please call 0121 446 4433.

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