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Corner Buffer

Available in a wide range of sizes, heavyweight corner buffers provide maximum protection

Corner Buffers (heavyweight) are designed to give drivers the maximum visibility using black and yellow stripes, the correct hazard warning colours. The solid rubber buffers wrap-around design protects your property, corners, columns and entrances that are exposed to vehicle and warehouse traffic.

Corner Buffers are manufactured
 in a solid tyre stock rubber compound. The buffer has two bright yellow stripes of self-coloured rubber that snap firmly into place covering the bolt heads after the installation, protecting your property and reducing the risk of accidental damage to vehicles.

Supplied pre-drilled and cut to the exact size any length from 1/2 metre to 3 metres long, the concealed fixing bolts are located underneath the yellow stripes. All corner buffers are shipped with detailed fixing instructions for a trouble free and fast installation.

This range of Corner Buffers is very proven and can be securely fitted to concrete or brickwork, plain or plastered.

As well as protected that precious brickwork, cladding, concrete columns or steel work the installing corner protection sends out a clear message that you car enough to take action to stop the damage. Of course the protection covers the vehicles as well helping reduce the risk of costly dings dents and bashes to the bodywork.

New corner buffer product the Smart buffer is moulded in tough black plastic and has broad bright yellow reflective strips the correct hazard warning colours. Being reflective the bright yellow strips will bounce back the light from a drivers headlights and reversing lights drawing attention to the dangers of approaching the exposed corner.

Wide range of sizes available

CN2 All black rubber extrusion (medium weight) can be bonded and screwed to concrete columns or brickwork. Available cut to size to suit your site or location, any length size from 1/2 metre to 3 metres.

CN3 All black rubber extrusion (lightweight) usually bonded in to place. Supplied cut to size from 1/2 metre to a maximum of 3 metres.
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Product FAQs

Which corner protector do I choose?
The largest CN1 has the feature of concealed fixings. The bolt heads are covered by the yellow strips of rubber. This is an important feature so the product can be used on all types of sites.

The all black corner protectors will offer some protection against accidental damage, but the fixing screwheads will remain on view.

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