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CornerStopper Rubber Buffer
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Easy to install protection for concrete columns

CornerStopper rubber buffer plan view wrapped around a concrete column.

New approach to corner protection using two materials; GRP and solid rubber ribbed extrusion to take the impact and a self-coloured yellow Glass Reinforced Plastic mouldings for secure fixing. The tyre stock rubber is manufactured with the correct hardness to absorb impact, protect property and stop damage to vehicles.

Free of charge cutting service available. We supply the CornerStopper rubber buffer from any size from 500mm up to massive 3 metres. When assembled the black rubber buffer has bright yellow anchor strips, the correct hazard warning colours, to give drivers the maximum warning.

Installation is very straightforward; the cut lengths of Anchor Strips are bolted or bonded vertically on both sides of the column, concrete or brickwork corner. When in position the ribbed rubber section can be securely fixed into one of the sides using the self-driven galvanised fixing Tech bolts supplied with the fixing kit pack. The next stage
involves bending the black rubber buffer around the corner and finding its location in the other Anchor Strip. To complete the assembly use the supplied Tech bolts to secure the buffer.

Detailed fitting instructions
and a self-adhesive template are supplied with every order. The clearly marked template is applied where the CornerStopper buffer is to be fitted. The optional adhesive bonded system is ideal to use on concrete columns that have chiselled edge detail and where drilling is not an option because of in situ steel

Under impact the rubber buffer will deform and absorb the load. Rubber is a very well proven material for this type of application It recovers 99.9% of its original shape when the load is removed.

Not all corners are exactly 90 degrees. CornerStopper Buffer will cope with a wide range of degree variations. The Glass Reinforced Plastic Anchor Strips are manufactured by a pultrusion process (90% glass 10% resin) as used in the aerospace industry. When using the bonded system with our polyurethane mastic adhesive, please allow 24 hours before completing the assembly before fitting the rubber buffer..

Frequently Asked Questions about this product
Will this product fix to my concrete columns?
Yes! CornerStopper was designed for car park applications and to cope with possible site work column or corner construction variations.