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Disabled Parking
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SpaceStopper electonic parking for the disabled

SpaceStopper detects vehicles and sounds an alarm when a car parks

SPS/D SpaceStopper Electronic Parking for the disabled detects all vehicles as they arrive. When a vehicle has parked, the SpaceStopper will automatically trigger a short blip from the SpaceStopper reminding the driver
that they have parked in a facility for the disabled.

Floor mounted, SpaceStoppers are simply bolted down on to an asphalt, concrete or block surfaces. The detectors are powered by a concealed and waterproof battery pack that has a three year working life (depending on the volume of traffic using the space).

Correct colours,
the SpaceStopper is moulded in a tough self-coloured traffic blue polyurethane plastic, clearly marking the parking space as dedicated for disabled parking. It is important to give drivers a clear message that they can use the parking space if they need the facility.

SpaceStoppers operate 24 hours a day and are only triggered by vehicles arriving in a parking space. When the vehicle is auto detected an electronic alarm will be timed with a short delay to be heard by the driver as they attempt to leave their car. Powered by long life batteries that are widely available, replacement is simple. Just remove the fascia moulding that is fixed to a base plate with tamper-proof security bolts, tool provided and replace battery pack.

Disabled parking areas need to be protected. As there is an ever increasing requirement for parking spaces generally, many organisations have provided spaces for the disabled but are not able to police their use effectively.On hearing the alarm other people are alerted to a possible abuse of the parking bay. The system has secure operation, the battery powered SpaceStopper detects both the ferrous and non-ferrous metal content of a vehicle as they park. The auto-detection system is designed to cope with all heights of vehicle from a Mini to a
Range Rover.

Safety Steel Handrail
adapted to assist people with mobility issues to walk safely up and down access ramps, please see handrails.

Frequently Asked Questions about this product

What is the permitted angle for a slope to be safe for wheelchair use?
1 in 12 is acceptable. Safety Handrails are a useful additional safety measure and will be much appreciated.