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Crash barrier installed in front of office building

Double Barrier Rail

Double standard steel rails for off highway use

Our standard steel rails have many applications for off the highway use. Protecting property, safety installations and landscaping from low speed impacts. The adaptable steel barrier system can be installed in either single or double height rows. The barrier system can be assembled in unbroken lines; can be terminated for access points and of course go around internal or external corners.

Each corrugated steel rail is manufactured to BS*** and is 3.5 metres long, 3.2 metres effective in a long line because of a 300mmm overlap.The steel barrier can be assembled on a choice of upright posts, either bolt down or foundation to be set into concrete. 

The bolt down ‘I’ posts have a heavy duty base plate and are secured with 4 x 20/120mm sleeve anchor bolts. The offset base plate design of the bolt down post gives a clean and unobstructed front face – an important safety feature. The foundation posts are a simple straight ‘Z’ section with a planting depth of 500mm. Both systems can take either signal or double rails.

It is an option to paint the steel rails on site after assembly. First the galvanizing has to be neutralized with a ‘T’ wash and then brush painted with an industrial paint finish.

Each steel barrier rail is pre-punched for either locating posts
 at each end and overlapping joints. For heavy duty installations there is a middle slot punched into each rail to take an additional middle post. In the event of accidental damage it is straightforward to remove and replace a section of either single or double rail barrier rails. The system is supplied with all the galvanized nuts and bolts for assembly.

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Product FAQs

Can I use the barrier system for both internal and external applications? 
The system is finished to a high corrosion proof standard and will suit both types of locations. The simple assembly and installation makes the barriervery adaptable. In warehousing with modern lift trucks there are applications where the barrier can be an important safety feature.

Can I have shorter lengths than the standard 3.5 (3.2 effective) rails?
Yes. Our modern fabrication workshop can produce a barrier system fromour standard components, send us a CAD drawing or sketch or just giveour sales team a call.

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