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Foam rubber corner protection

Foamed Rubber

Foamed rubber corner protection

Foamed rubber corner and wall protection unlike our standard range of solid rubber corner buffers the foamed rubber is full of closed bubbles are designed to reduce the risk of injury on that annoying ‘ding’ on a car door. Soft to the touch the all the foamed the range is easy to apply and install, each section is supplied with a powerful adhesive tape for a fast and secure installation. 

Black and yellow each section is the marked in the correct hazard warning colours. The popular profiles are the 40mm quadrant for corner protection and 60mm x 20mm rectangle wall buffer, samples are available, please call 0121 446 4433 for details.

Each section is supplied in metre long sections and can be quickly installed in a continuous length to form an effective buffer for extra safety. 

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Product FAQs

Should I use solid or foamed rubber corner protection?
All foamed rubber is black and yellow for maximum impact and extra safety; it also helps reduce the risk of soft tissue injury. The solid rubber products are often all black and get installed where potential damage to your property is the issue.

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