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Hazard plastic warning posts with reflectors

Hazard Posts
Plastic hazard posts are used to help mark out cycle tracks, they can be installed in to soft soil using their integral soil spear.

Black and white with reflectors each post is the marked in the correct warning colours. The popular posts are the 125mm diameter and measure 1000mm from ground level when installed. Manufactured in a tough plastic for a long service life there is a choice of installation.

Option (a) you can set in to the ground using the plastic soil spear or option (b) you can have the hazard posts supplied with a metal socket. This last option enables you to easily replace the posts if they become damaged. The plastic post is securely clipped on to the metal socket and can be easily replaced.

Each Hazard post has two integral powerful reflectors, one each side of the post. Red one side and white the other side. The hazard warning posts are designed and manufactured to DfT specification and are used to help warn drivers of sharp bends on country lanes.



Frequently Asked Questions about this product

Should I use a plastic or a metal warning post?
The plastic warning post only comes in one size and shape because it is moulded. They look very similar to metal warning posts, a very important factor to make sure drivers stay a safe distance away. The version mounted on a metal socket is very popular because it can over time be very easily replaced.