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Height Restrictor

Steel height restrictor barriers with reflective warning signage

Black and yellow the correct hazard warning colours. A height restrictor installed at the entrance will give a clear message to drivers that want to access your site of the height restriction. The reflective warning sign can either be an integral part of the structure or hanging from chain set at the correct level from the ground as an aluminium nudge bar.

There are options: 
The popular choice is that you can install a fixed height restrictor that limits access to all vehicles over the stated and permitted height. The other option is a height restriction barrier with a swinging beam to can be opened allowing authorised higher vehicles limited access on site. The steel height beam is padlocked in the closed position so access requires permission and of course a key

We are digital printers so manufacturing a customising the warning sign 
to the correct height to suit your site is not a problem. We keep an electronic file of the artwork on our server so a repeat can be printed and assembled very quickly. As standard we print the black warning chevrons at each end of the signage to increase the visibility of the height restriction and to give maximum warning to approaching drivers.

The steel upright posts that form the sides of the height restrictor 
are supplied as standard for a foundation installation with a planting depth of 500mm. We can also fabricate a bolt down version to be installed on an existing concrete deck. The width of the barrier (clear span) is also variable, please call 0121 446 4433 to ask for details.

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Product FAQs

Should I show both metric and imperial sizes on the warning sign?
Most people opt for both. Although the UK went ‘metric’ in the seventies the old style feet and inches is still widely referred to. Most people know their own height in terms of feet and inches not metre and centimetres. There is no cost implication in showing both and we are able to email a coloured proof for your approval before manufacture.

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