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The Dozy Policeman

In the early 70’s some people were very curious about what a rubber speed bump looked like. They wanted to slow down the traffic on their site roads and car parks but would rubber really work? The popular option was concrete or asphalt speed bumps, I lost count of the times I tried to explain that rubber was better…

The solution was get in my car and drive up and down the country and ask them to leave their office, to look at my rubber bumps in the boot of my car. Everyone did the same thing, they stood on them, followed by a little jump up and down and then suggested getting some cars and trucks to drive over. It was at one of these meetings that I came up with the phrase ‘Sleeping Policemen’ which I thought it added a little gravitas to my invention.

After spending five years driving around the UK, stopping at a garage on the outskirts of towns and cities and buying countless A to Z. I began to dream about other markets even foreign countries that might like my rubber Sleeping Policemen. Of course, I would need agents to do all the work, it was definitely going to be S.P.Q.R.(SMALL PROFIT QUICK RETURN) but I did dream of other places in the world that might want to sell my Sleeping Policemen…

Imagine my excitement when George our regular postman arrived early one morning clutching our first airmail letter, we could see from the stamps it was from France. A space was cleared on my cluttered desk for the unopened letter whilst I waited for Carolynne to get back to the office to read it and hopefully bring us some much-needed luck.

Could this letter really be our first export enquiry?Sadly, not but I do remember that they were asking if we manufactured‘the dozy policeman that sleeps in the road’…

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