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Large Hose Pipe Ramps

Protect very large hoses and pipes from all types of traffic

HR6 and HR7 interlocking rubber ramps solve the problem of protecting large hoses and pipes up to 165mm o.d. They are manufactured in solid rubber and steel so that all types and weights of traffic can drive safely over. These extra large hose ramps simply sit on the road surface slowing down all the traffic as they pass over them. Each section snaps into each other using “jigsaw” designed connectors, the male plug snaps securely into the female socket. Each section of HR6 measures 3.40 metres long x 400mm wide and
you can assemble a hose ramp to any width across the roadway.

It is an important safety feature to have a critical mass using 3 or more sections to make a stable hose and cable ramp. In some cases it is not necessary to cover the complete roadway, small sections of assembled ramps can be laid inline with the wheels of the oncoming traffic. It is important to use warning signs to warn and make oncoming drivers aware of the hazard.

HR6 extra large hose and pipe ramps have three 125mm deep slots.

HR7 extra large hose and pipe ramps have two 165mm deep slots.

For temporary use in a supervised situation the HR6/7 range of extra large hose and pipe solid rubber and steel ramps sections interlock together so they can be simply laid on to the road surface.

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Product FAQs

My steel pipe is 125mm in diameter, which ramp do I use?
HR6 moulded interlocking sections will take three hose/pipes up to 125mm each.

My plastic hosepipe is 165mm in diameter, which ramp do I use?
HR7 moulded interlocking sections will take two hose/pipes up to 165mm each.

Can I just lay the extra large cable ramps on the road surface?
Yes, but remember that it takes a critical mass of at least 3 units to be stable and safe.

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