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LineStopper Safety Marking

A new way to mark important safety lines

A new professional way to mark those important safety lines; Bright yellow LineStopper’s tactile surface will give you a clear warning of an important safety line. Manufactured in a tough self-coloured bright yellow plastic, LineStoppers are 15mm high with a non-slip surface for extra safety. 

Health & Safety zones
 for pedestrian foot traffic to avoid hazardous areas. Painted safety lines can only be applied to a good surface i.e. to a clean, oil and dust free floor and will also need maintenance. LineStopper can be fixed to all types of floor and surfaces with a simple concealed bolt.

The bolt down option is quick and easy to install.
 Self-driven anchor bolts are used to fix LineStopper securely on to concrete floors and surfaces. When in position, the anchor bolts are concealed below the surface and the installation is trouble free. Each metre section of LineStopper is clearly pre-marked for mitred joints and the sections interlock together for fast assembly. 

Maintenance free LineStopper
 is a self-coloured bright yellow safety product with a good U.V. stability. Manufactured in a hardwearing injection moulded PVC with a non-slip surface. LineStopper is manufactured as standard in the correct safety yellow a hazard warning colour that gives a good contrast for extra safety. Other colours are available on request subject to quantity.

Wall mounted, 
LineStopper can also be installed as a wall buffer to protect property against accidental damage from warehouse traffic.

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Product FAQs

Will people trip up as they walk over the line?
LineStopper is designed as a safety product only 15mm high and has excellent safety record; Many Health and Safety Officers want to have some “physical” barrier keeping people walking in the safety zone. 

Do people react when they stand on the Line?

Tactile surfaces are used for getting important safety messages to people with vision impairment. In the right location LineStopper is a simple but very effective safety concept for everyone.

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