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Loading Bay Bumpers

Long life solid rubber loading dock bumpers, unique system

Loading Bay Bumpers
Traditional moulded rubber blocks are securely bolted to the loading bay wall. When under loads from HGVs the bolts will bend and the rubber will fail very quickly.

Solid rubber loading bay bumpers (LB1) offer a practical solution to solve the high maintenance problems of traditional docking buffers. Supplied as a large ‘cut to size’ rubber block mounted vertically in the loading dock. The large rubber extrusion takes the impact from reversing HGVs and our loading bay bumpers have been proven to perform and have given a 10-year life with some major logistics companies.

Held in position to take the impact with a ground fixed steel fixing frame. The safety yellow steel frame and guide rails are securely anchored to the concrete deck. The rubber bumper is designed to fit inside the frame allowing for movement up and down.
Rubber bumpers simply move up and down as the weight inside the trailer changes when forklift trucks or other methods of removing or adding cargo during loading and unloading.

No fixing bolts hold the rubber bumpers in place; the powder coated yellow steel frames hold the rubber bumper allowing for vital movement under load from a reversing HGV. The practice of using hydraulic powered shunters to move trailers has increased the wear and tear on exsisting loading dock buffers.

No maintenance, the rubber bumpers can be simply rotated 180 degrees to bring the unused section into use, this improved performance will greatly extend the bumper’s service life.

Easy to install, the frame is fixed to the ground using sleeve anchor bolts. Printed reflective markers can be applied to the frame legs e.g. bay numbers. We are digital printers so it is possible to have reverse printed markers where the driver’s eyesight is focused in his mirrors.

Cut to size, the heavily ribbed Rubber Bumper
is 210mm x 110mm and supplied as standard at 1500mm high. We offer a free cut to size (measure from ground level to the loading deck).

Frequently Asked Questions about this product
How does it work without any fixing bolts holding it in place?
It works by not having any fixing bolts restricting its movement when the load is under pressure. The forces involved when a fully laden 40 ft triple axle trailer parks in a loading dock are enormous.