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Traffic barrier

Security Traffic Barriers

A range of security barriers for areas that need extra security

Manual operation: A range of traffic security barriers designed for areas and installations that need extra security. They can be secured in the open or closed position. Cost effective for areas that do not have the frequency of use to justify a powered barrier installation. The boom is available up to a clear span of 8 metres.

Aluminium booms are red and white  with a 300mm reflective STOP sign mounted in the centre of the boom.

The steel pedestal is counter balanced to make the barrier easy to operate and raise and lower. We will supply the barriers customised to the exact length to suit your site. For extra security a tip support is available which firmly locks the end of the boom when the barrier is closed. This is required for all barriers over 5 metres clear span. Barriers can be bolted down on to an existing concrete deck. An anchorage fixing kit is available for setting into a concrete foundation. When in position the pre-assembled template can be removed and the barrier firmly secured.

A keypad, radio triggers, swipe cards, tokens or intercom can control powered security barriers. The barrier can be setup for controlled entry and automatically open and close for exit. The barriers can be supplied custom made for your site. A fast operating rise and fall boom minimises traffic delays.

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Product FAQs

What the longest traffic boom I can have?
The longest boom we ship is 8 metres, the Barrier has to have a tip support to catch and support the boom in the down position. Remember that in the up position the boom at that length becomes a flag pole!

Why are the booms aluminium?
Lightweight solid construction, stops corrosion and reduces the risk of damage if a vehicle fails to stop and crashes through the barrier.

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