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Car driving over a speed ramp

Modular Speed Ramps

Reduce speed and dramatically reduce risk of accidents

Modular Speed Bumps have been developed over our company’s 40 years’ experience in traffic safety. Reduce your site traffic speed down to 5 to 10 m.p.h. and dramatically reduce the risk of accidents. Speed Bumps are manufactured in carbon re-inforced rubber for a long life.  Supplied in black and yellow sections the correct safety hazard warning colours.

Each section has integral red cats’ eyes for maximum visibility for drivers, day and night and even in poor weather conditions. Fast installation simple bolt down design: Speed Bumps ramps are supplied with a proven fixing kit pack designed by our company for asphalt, concrete or block surfaces, even tarmac with a chemical resin pack.

Solid rubber Speed Bumps have deep ribbed surfaces for extra grip and the system includes bright yellow end caps. Please note that it is recommended to use our reflective warning signs to clearly advise oncoming drivers of the correct safe speed for your site.

Speed Bumps ramps can be installed in 
large retail parks, educational and manufacturing sites, hospitals and most “off highway” locations. Speed Bumps are supplied in sections that can be quickly assembled and laid in position. Drivers need to see the ramps day and night: each Speed Bump section has bright red reflectors to give drivers maximum warning that they are approach. Changing light conditions and driving in poor weather makes the integral reflectors a very important safety feature.

No special tools to install a ramp: A powerful masonry drill is needed to drill 4 holes per section and 2 holes per end cap. It is important to drill 14mm holes in concrete or block surfaces and 12/13mm holes in softer surfaces such as asphalt and tarmac. All holes should be drilled to a depth of 100mm.

Speed Bump ramps can be installed fast: When the location has been established, assemble the sections for a final check. Make sure the Speed Bump ramp has been assembled in a straight line. You will find it easy to mark the position of the fixing holes with a drill bit and then remove the section and drill each of the holes to a depth of 100mm. Please note if you are drilling blocks, make sure you use a new and sharp masonry drill bit.

A proven design: The Speed Bump design has been tested on sites worldwide to give you a trouble free service life. Our ramps take all types of vehicles including HGVs.

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Product FAQs

Why use rubber instead of concrete or asphalt? Hazard invented the idea of using rubber to manufacture speed rampsas they enforce and control traffic speeds without any damage to vehicles.

How high are the ramps and can all types of vehicles drive over? 70mm high for speeds from 5 m.p.h. to 10 m.p.h. and everything from Smart cars to HGVs can drive over.

Will the ramps slow my traffic down? Yes, drivers will slow down and pass over our ramps safely but, to be effective, ramps and signs have to be seen, whatever the conditions.

Are these Speed Bumps ramps safe? Manufactured in tyre stock rubber to prevent any damage to vehicles asthey pass over, Speed Bumps are designed to be much lower than the MOT guidelines of 100mm high ramps in urban areas!

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