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Non-Slip Safety Walkway

A reinforced plastic walkway that can be used at any site

Glass Reinforced Plastic Walkway is easy to manoeuvre around sites, it weighs just over 10 kilos per metre. The walkway has a high fire retardant class 1 fire rating so that it complies with building regulations and can be used at any site.

Extra wide 450mm walkway has a moulded textured surface in strips down the entire length creating a non-slip product with maximum grip for extra safety for site personnel.

Machine cut to plus or minus 10mm the Walkway is available in standard lengths of 3 metres long, the pultrusion manufacturing process gives the opportunity to provide the Walkway in machine cut lengths up to 8 metres long. Weight is of course an important issue but with correct handling the longer lengths can be really useful providing Walkways with the minimum number of joints.

The Walkway is totally waterproof and non-corrosive giving a long service life in excess of 15 years. The maximum loading per 3 metre section is 300 kilos which causes a controlled deflection in the middle of the section of just a few centimetres.

Self-coloured, the Walkway can be shipped in its natural colour, off white or strong pigments can be introduced to the resins to colour the Walkway during the manufacturing process. For extra strength there is a very high ratio of glass to resin specification approx. 90 percent glass and 10 percent resin.

The pultrusion manufacturing process is complex to set up and trial, it takes up to a week to get a long production run started, Good quality control means pultrusions are used for some parts in the aerospace industry.

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Product FAQs

Can we carry it safely around our site?
The Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic weighs just over 10 kilos per metre so the maximum length of 3 metres can be safely carried on site. Longer lengths
not only require more than two man handling but the Walkway gets bulky and difficult to manoeuvre.

What’s Class 1?
A British standard for fire rating, using these types of resins makes sure that the Walkway is not a fire hazard when stored on site

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