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One way traffic flaps

One Way Traffic Flaps

One way traffic control flaps help enforce your one-way traffic system

One-Way Control Flaps (OWF2) are a positive way to help enforce a one-way traffic flow system. Installed in two staggered rows for maximum deterrent value for drivers, the flaps simply bolt down on to a substantial concrete foundation. Each One Way Flap lowers independently as vehicles pass over and returns back to the upright position of 100mm in height. Not suitable for HGV traffic

Manufactured in steel checker plate
 with a bright yellow finish to make the flaps highly visible to drivers for extra safety, the steel flap is powered by an industrial strength spring. This product can only be installed in areas where the traffic consists of cars and lightweight vans. The traffic flaps will provide unattended 24-hour protection against traffic travelling in the wrong direction!

Maximum speed, the safe limit is 5 M.P.H. so speed ramps should be used to ensure that drivers pass over the traffic flaps correctly at a safe speed. Installed in a staggered row, please note that noise has proven an issue on some residential sites, this occurs when the metal flap hits the concrete or asphalt floor. 

Foundation-type One-Way Flaps (OWFR)
 have been around since the early 60’s. A large counter balanced weight powers the flaps. When a vehicle drives over them, the wheel lowers the flap and the counter balanced weight returns the flap back to its full height of 100mm.

Installed in a staggered row, noise has proven an issue when the metal flap hits the concrete floor. Each flap has to be set in concrete so it is important to have drainage to prevent the flaps retaining surface water.

Bright reflective warning signs
 will make sure that drivers get the message about driving in a one-way system. The signs can be seen in all weather conditions and at nighttime. Reflective signfaces and the aluminium sign plate are designed to give the finished traffic sign a 10 to 15 year maintenance free life.

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Product FAQs

Are the flaps noisy when traffic passes over them?
The flaps are lowered with considerable energy as a wheel passes over. Noise is generated as the flap hits the concrete foundation making these type of One Way Flaps unsuitable for some locations.

Do I have to slow down the traffic before they hit the One Way Flaps? 
Yes, for both the surface and foundation types of One Way Flaps to give a long service life traffic must be slowed down by installing a speed ramp.

Can HGVs and other heavy traffic drive over? 
Not over these types of One Way Flaps, see Dragon’s Teeth.

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