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Smart Plastic Barrier
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Plastic freestanding Smart safety barrier

Smart Plastic Barrier
Bright yellow and black the correct hazard warning colours the Smart barrier is are very distinctive helping creates safety awareness on your site.

Our Smart freestanding plastic barrier range is quickly put into place and is a major safety feature protecting both the working personnel and pedestrians. Designed for use where there is pedestrian traffic the highly visible plastic barrier system interlocks together to form a barrier to suit your site and location.

The system is very professional looking and when installed create a very safe, sturdy and stable barrier. Manufactured in a tough wearing plastic the design has soft rounded edges for maximum safety. Can be used in applications like retail parks where there is a high volume of children.

The safety signage is a very important feature of the Smart plastic barrier range and can be customised to suit the location and application. For details of the safety and corporate signage available please call 0121 446 4433 for details.



Frequently Asked Questions about this product
How stable is the barrier?
You need at least two sections of barrier to form a ‘V’ shape, the barrier sections interlock together so can form any shape and length to suit your site and application. This is a very proven safety product that has been on the UK market for a number of years.