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Plastic Column Protectors
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Tough Plastic Column Protectors

Plastic Column Protector
The plastic column protectors are simply and securely banded into position around the supporting steel ‘I’ beams.

Tough plastic column protectors are designed to help reduce the risk of accidental damage
from fast moving warehouse traffic. Fitted in minutes and supplied at a very competitive price this range of column protectors is has a very proven safety record. Moulded in hardwearing bright yellow self-coloured plastic for a long service life. When installed the protectors are highly visible and will attract the attention of the drivers and help create a safer environment for your personnel. These column protectors are freestanding on the concrete floor there are no fixings required.

  • The new quick, safe and economic way to protect your drivers and columns
  • Air Pressure release to cushion impact
  • Assemble in seconds - No fixings required, fits over base plate
  • Fits range of column sizes and shapes
  • High Visibility: Rotationally moulded, UV Stabilised
  • Fits rectangular shaped columns with adjustable straps
  • Sizes to fit column sizes 100mm (sq or diameter) to 310mm (Sq or diameter)
  • Slim line version available for smaller spaces
Frequently Asked Questions about this product
How tough is the plastic column protector?
You would be surprised how tough the system is. The rotationally moulded protectors are designed to take low speed impacts from forklift warehouse traffic. The air pressure within the plastic moulding will cushion the impact keeping any damage to a minimum.