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Pricing and Latest Offers
01 Speed bumps, rubber, PVC & signs

SpeedStoppers from £49.95
Fixing information from £10.95
Rubber Smart Ramp from £125.00
Rubber Speed Bumps from £39.95
Rubber BART Ramps POA
Rubber Speed Cushions from £450.00
PVC Speed Bumps from £32.00
Reflective Warning Signage from £95.00

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02 one-way flow & traffic barriers

Dragons one-way from £265.00
Dragons end cap POA
Replacement cassettes from £46.00
Reflective signage from £95.00
One-way flaps from £225.00
Foundation flaps from £245.00
Manual barriers from £500.00
Powered operated traffic barriers from £1,500.00

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03 Floor mounted buffers & tactile safetyline

KerbStopper wheelstops from £39.95
Heavy-duty Wheel Stops from £45.00
Rubber ‘D’ profile from £24.95
Moulded Wheel Stop POA
Rubber rampstopper POA
Triblock buffer from £35.00
Tactile safetyline from £32.00

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04 Wall mounted buffers

BS rubber buffer POA
PVC Wall buffer POA
Rubber/channel from £172.00
Rubber ‘D’ profile from £25.00
Wall Guard from £38.50

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05 Cable/hose/pipe rubber GRP protectors

HR3 & HR5 from £54.95
CR10 cable protector from £49.95
Extruded protectors from £115.00
Smart 5/CR from £89.00
Smart 3/CR from £89.00
Mod cable ramp from £39.95
HR6 150mm from £450.00
HR7 160mm from £450.00
GRP cable covers from £45.00

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06 Loading bay buffers & wheel guides

Rubber blocks from £65.00
Long life bumper from £210.00
Rubber buffer/channel from £120.00
Rubber ‘D’ buffer from £19.50
Wall Guard buffer from £38.50
Steel Wheel Guides from £250.00

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07 Signs, traffic, HES, custom & temp

Reflective signage from £39.00
Post mounted signs from £48.95
Speed limit signs from £39.00
Digital printed signage POA
Health and safety from 95p
Special signage POA
Smart temp signs from £26.00

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08 Corner & column protection

Heavy-duty corner from £39.00
Medium/lightweight POA
Foamed rubber buffer from £35.00
Smart corner buffer from £28.00
Wrap around buffer from £250.00
Plastic column buffer from £150.00
Steel column buffer from £450.00

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09 Safety handrail, warehouse car park & fencing

Safety handrail from £115.00
HES barrier from £85.00
Bolt down barrier from £75.00
Safety fencing from £38.00
Warehouse barrier from £125.00
Combined barrier from £250.00
Yellow safety ends from £15.00
Car park barrier from £115.00

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10 Steel barriers, double, combo’s, ends & spring

Steel crash barrier from £75.00
Bolt-down bases from £58.95
Double barrier from £150.00
Extra height from £72.00
Combination barrier £250.00
Spring steel £54.00
Plastic ends from £18.00
Splayed ends from £54.00

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11 Car park posts, bollards & hazard markers

Car park posts from £85.00
Mole tele posts from £195.00
Removable from £99.00
Jumbo bollards from £145.00
Hazard markers from £25.00

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12 Warehouse traffic & safety products

Heavy-duty corner from £34.50
Foamed rubber buffer from £35.00
Smart corner buffer from £28.00
Wrap around buffer from £250.00
Plastic column buffer from £150.00
Steel column buffer from £450.00
PVC Linestopper from £26.00
SupaStopper wall POA
BS Rubber buffer POA
Rubber/channel from £120.00
Rubber ‘D’ profile from £26.00
Warehouse barrier from £250.00
Convex mirrors from £210.00

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13 Car park traffic & safety products

SpeedStoppers from £60.90
Rubber Smart ramps from £120.00
Rubber Speed Bumps from £45.00
PVC Speed Bumps from £38.00
Reflective signage POA
Dragons one-way from £265.00
Manual barriers from £500.00
KerbStopper wheelstops from £59.95
Steel crash barrier from £75.00
Traffic mirrors from £210.00

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14 Plastic barriers traffic separators BS EN 1317

Traffic separators from £54.00
Traffic logs from £45.00
BS EN 1317 – 50mph POA

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15 Convex safety & traffic mirrors

Convex mirror from £210.00
Traffic mirror from £215.00
Subway mirror from £205.00
Convex oblong mirror from £210.00
Backing board from £58.00
Surveillance hemisphere POA
Security mirror POA

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16 Traffic cones, barriers, & grit bins

Traffic cones from £4.50
No waiting cones POA
Fold up cones POA
Collapsible cones POA
Extruded cones POA
Smart barrier from £82.00
Hazard barrier from £25.00
Grit bins from £125.00

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17 Traffic barriers & height restrictors

Manual barrier from £500.00
Powered barriers from £1,500.00
Height restriction from £950.00
Signboards from £95.00
Opening restrictor POA

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18 Floor marking, tactile, non-slip & GRP

Cable/Linestopper from £36.00
Non-slip cleats from £35.00
GRP walkway POA

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