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Car driving over a speed ramp

PVC Speed Ramp

Eco-economy PVC speed bump

Our Eco PVC modular speed bump is very good value and is a major safety product in use all around the UK. Designed for use where there is a mix of pedestrian and vehicular traffic the highly visible plastic speed ramp system interlocks together to form a speed ramp to suit your site and location. This product is highly visible for approaching drivers; the black and yellow sections are the correct hazard warning colours and will slow down traffic safely to 5 to 10mph.

The system is very professional looking and when installed very safe
, the installed speed bumps are very tough and hard wearing taking all types of traffic including HGVs. Manufactured in a tough wearing PVC plastic the design has soft rounded edges for maximum safety. Can be used in most applications including retail parks where there is a high volume of traffic.

Reflective safety and warning signage is a very important feature of the Eco speed bump system 
and can be customised to suit the location and application. For details of the safety and corporate signage available please call 0121 446 4433 for details.

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Product FAQs

How hard wearing is a PVC bump compared to EPDM rubber?
Very difficult question to answer, rubber is more expensive than PVC which is always a factor. However despite improve technology we are still all driving around on rubber tyres, which I think speaks volumes.

My advice is for high volume and heavy traffic is that I would choose from our range of solid EPDM rubber speed bumps and absorb the extra capital cost which will be balanced out with the longer service life.

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