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Removable Bollards

Large range of steel Removable Bollards

There is a choice of coloured banding the black posts can have; white or yellow. Both options have bright amber reflectors to get driver’s awareness day or night.

Small: 750mm high for use in driveways and forecourts.

 900mm high for car parks, town centres, supermarkets and garages.

Large: 1100mm high for HGV sites, pathway closures and restricted areas in parks.

The large version has two metal handles
 incorporated into the design for easy handling. There can be a storage problem with any of the Removable Bollards when they are removed from their sockets. Installing a spare “parking” socket gives you the option of storing the Bollards to one side of the installation.

Securely padlocked in position into the ground socket. When the Bollards are removed the galvanised socket lid is flipped shut and locked into place, reducing the risk of pedestrians tripping.
The installation requires a concrete foundation to set the ground socket in position. The excavated hole should be 300mm square by 400mm deep. The concrete will take at least 24 hours to cure before the Removable Bollard can be locked in place.

The galvanised ground sockets have other applications. They have been used to support the booms of large Traffic Barriers. The socket design allows the centre post to support either of the aluminium
booms in the down position when operated singularly. The post can be safely removed should both Barrier booms be needed to be in the up position.

If you would like more information about our range of Bollards please give us a call.

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Product FAQs

Are they heavy to move about and lift in and out of the ground sockets?
The range of bollards are designed to be used safely. It would be a good idea to install extra ground sockets to park the Bollards when not in use.

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