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Traffic Cones

Good quality traffic cones for industrial use

Good quality traffic cones, highway approved that can be used in car parks, restricted areas, retail parks and site works. Sizes 450mm to 1050mm high. Cones have a black solid recycled rubber base for stability and reflective white sleeves on the tough red plastic cone top for high visibility both day and night. Compact design, very easily stored they just simply stack on top of each other.

ConeStopper rubber base keeps traffic cones firmly in place. A 750mm high traffic cone top locks into position at any point along the all black rubber ConeStopper base. The solid unbroken line of cones creates a “wall of cones” that is very stable and cannot move out of line, there is no creeping towards traffic or moving in high gusting winds. A 100mm white line can be painted along the leading edge to give clear direction to approaching traffic at the approach of major road works.

QuickCones are a flat pack design of 450mm high cones 
that are sturdy when snapped into the up position. They can then be collapsed down for easy storage and are ideal to have in the boot of a car. Warning messages can be applied on the reflective white bands.

Yellow ‘no waiting’ cones are sturdy with a recycled black rubber base, the correct hazard warning colours. Highway approved to restrict parking and waiting in busy areas and roads. Three sided with a coloured DfT message on each side of the cone. Compact design, very easily stored they just simply stack on top of each other.

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How can I keep my cones in a straight line on a narrow and busy road?
Use ConeStopper, the system was used in the Hyde Park underpass for nine months, a busy and narrow stretch of London road. No cones moved.

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