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Car driving over a speed ramp

Rubber Smart Ramps - Extra Wide

Control traffic flow and reduce driver's speed

Extra wide Smart Ramp will slow traffic down to speeds of 10 or 15 m.p.h. but unlike some of the sharp and narrow ramps, the extra wide Smart Ramp is designed to be comfortable as possible for the driver and passengers when driven over at the correct speed.

The metre wide (drive-over) Smart Ramp is the widest available on the European market and gives all the benefits to a concrete or asphalt jelly mould shaped constructed ramp but with the convenience and safety of bolt down solid rubber ramp.

Long design life, over 25 years, for all types of traffic large and small, including 48 tonnes HGVs. Each section of the Smart Ramp is moulded in a very tough high impact rubber, reinforced with carbon for maximum strength. The Smart Ramp can be simply assembled on site in distinctive black and yellow hazard warning pattern for maximum visual impact 24/7.

Highly reflective yellow or white panels on the Smart ramp are an important safety feature, giving approaching drivers maximum warning of the ramp at all times, including night time or even in very poor driving conditions.

Fast Installation and trouble free; there are four fixing points in each of per 500mn wide sections of the ramp. There is a proven fixing system, large fixing bolts, plugs and washers are supplied that are designed to take the loading and get a secure fit. Fitting a Smart ramp can be carried out live without expensive road closures. No special tools needed just a powered masonry drill; it all takes less than an hour.

For extra safety and a professional finish, each ramp is finished with solid rubber end caps; if possible leave a small gap at each end of installed Smart ramps for gully cleaning and road maintenance.

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Product FAQs

What are the benefits of an extra wide ramp? 
The DfT approved shape is designed to slow down traffic safely with minimum discomfort to drivers. 

Are these ramps good value for money compared with the other ramps on the market? Yes. Solid rubber has a much longer service life. Remember vehicle tyres are still not made from plastic new or recycled just high-grade rubber. 

Will I need reflective warning signage to be installed on my site? Yes. Drivers need clear direction as to speed limits and speed ramps on site. Warning signs will inform drivers to take responsibility for their driving and the correct signage is a very important feature. Installing reflective DfT designed traffic signs will help to get this important message across. 

Are speed ramps approved by the Health and Safety Executive? Yes. In general, they advise that if you cannot segregate pedestrians from traffic with dedicated walkways and barriers, the recommendation is that you install speed ramps to help enforce a safe speed limit on the site.

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