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Safety fencing surrounding a building site

Safety Fencing

A proven safety product effective for crowd control

Safety Fencing Panels, 2 metres high x 3 metres long are used on major construction sites. The Safety Fencing Panels simply slot into the heavyweight recycled black plastic base and are locked securely together with a two part split metal clamp that can be positioned and tightened after assembly.

Trouble free installation,
 the Safety Fencing Panels can be quickly assembled in a straight or staggered line or shaped to form a square or rectangle. Rigid plastic printed hazard warning and safety information signs can be simply clipped on to the steel mesh using cable ties.

The proven design gives maximum flexibility to cordoning off hazardous areas and creating safety walkways for pedestrians. Safety Fencing Panels are very stable and stay in place even in high gusting winds.

The panels are very stackable to allow for easy transportation
 to site and they are light enough to be put into their final position by a two-man team. Alterations can take effect very quickly, the whole system can be broken down and reassembled into a new shape or line in minutes.

Freestanding pedestrian steel barriers, 1100mm high are a very proven safety product that has been used for crowd control for years. Keeping people and pedestrians away from hazardous areas is an important safety feature. Hot dipped galvanised after manufacture for maximum corrosion resistance and a medium term service life.

Each pedestrian barrier interlocks securely together allowing you to create a clear safety zone any length from 3 metres upwards. The Barriers can either be assembled in a straight or staggered line or shaped to form a square or rectangle.

Very stable, the proportions of the pedestrian barrier 
and the built in stabilising metal legs make this a very straightforward safety product to use.

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Product FAQs

Are Safety Fencing Panels easy to move about?
Yes, designed to be quickly stripped down and moved into a new position and
can be rebuilt in a different shape keeping your site options open.

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