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Safety handrail

Safety Handrail Barrier

Protect personnel; allow them to work safely close to hazardous drops and roof edges

Safety Handrail Barrier system is manufactured to the current BS/EN 1461 1999 standards and the 360
Newton’s per metre run industrial standard. The handrail designed to protect working personnel carrying out vital flat roof maintenance and where the Health and Safety guidelines call for a safety work permit environment to be in place, enforcing two man work conditions.

The safety handrail will protect all personnel and allow them to work close to hazardous drops and unprotected flat roof edges. The steel handrail system is a compact design with posts set at recommended 1500mm centres and is very easy to assemble. In fact it only takes an allen key to securely lock the handrail in place by tightening up the stainless steel grub screws.

’Straight’ or ‘Cranked’ uprights, this is an important
 safety feature. Both versions of the uprights will set the top rail at the 1100mm recommended height, however the “cranked” version stops anyone from putting themselves at risk by standing on the middle rail. Their centre of gravity ensures that if they attempt to stand on the middle rail they are forced back down to safety.

Our steel safety handrail systems are hot dipped galvanised after manufacture to give your installation the best and most proven protection for external use against corrosion. All the fittings are manufactured in stainless steel so the complete system will give you a long service life.

Flat roofs, access walkways and catwalks are all working areas that must be accessible so that important maintenance work can be carried out safely. The Safety Handrail Barrier system is designed to keep personnel safe. We are digital printers using the latest generation of equipment so customised warning and safety information signs can be applied to the steel uprights. For more details please give us a call on 0121 446 4433.

Simple and fast to assemble both versions of uprights form a very sturdy barrier, 3.00 metres freestanding forms the critical mass. The system can be assembled on site in minutes, the components are shipped in a palletised format for safe trouble free craning to the roof level.

The system is designed with middle and top rails, access panels, gates, wall terminations and standard 90-degree corners. Both the middle and top rails can also be wall mounted into metal sockets.

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Product FAQs

Straight or cranked?
Good question; they are both the same price and the cranked upright will stop any one from putting themselves at risk by standing on the middle rail and leaning over.

How heavy is the system?
The freestanding safety handrail system is a very compact design and weighs 44 kilos per lin. metre run. 

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