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Smart Cones
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Smart traffic cones simply collapse down into their base

Smart Cone
Smart cones fold in to the base for compact storage

This full sized traffic has a very compact design that solves storage problems. When collapsed the Smart cone slips into a protective bag with a zip up cover. The bright day glow red cover with powerful reflective white bands for day and nighttime warning to approaching drivers.

Inside the Smart cone is a bright electronic LED flashing light that is switched on and off on the underside of the plastic base. The cones have a weighted base for stability in all weathers.

The inner integral tough plastic spiral gives the Smart cone its distinctive shape, you can simply pull the cone out of its base to the full 750mm height is seconds. To collapse you push the top of the cone down firmly down in to the base. When stored the bag is less than 50mm high by 300mm x 300mm square.

Smart cones are ideal to carry in the boot or cab of HGVS for use in an emergency. The integral batteries are long life and very easy to replace. The modern electronics manage the power consumption to maximise the ‘lit’ time. When powered with new batteries ther cone will stay lit for 5 days 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions about this product
Are they expensive?
Smart traffic cones are competitively priced compared with a standard full sized traffic cone and amber flashing warning light.

Will the cones get damaged if vehicles drive over them?
They are designed to take low speed impact.

Can they be seen at night?
The internal flashing light can be seen from a distance and the white reflective bands will bounce light back from a drivers headlights.

How quickly can it be pulled up to full size?
The Smart cone has been designed to be simple to use and pulled up to full size in seconds.