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SpaceStopper Electronic Parking

Remote controlled car parking deterrent

SpaceStopper detects vehicles and sounds an alarm when a car parks

Designed as a remote controlled car parking deterrent, this up-to-date SPS/1 SpaceStopper electronic alarm is a modern replacement for the steel car park post at a very competitive cost. Made from high impact Polyurethane, the self-coloured unit is available in bright yellow as standard for increased visibility to drivers but is available in corporate colours to personalise your car park spaces.

How does it work? The electronic detector is powered by a battery pack with enough charge to operate for up to 3 years. Every vehicle is detected as it arrives but only an authorised driver has the hand held or plug-in radio trigger to stop the alarm sequence activating.

Fully automatic,
the electronic parking alarm permits the authorised user unrestricted access of the parking space. Placing this deterrent in your parking space will dramatically reduce nuisance parking.

Unauthorised users of your parking space will see the brightly coloured SpaceStopper as soon as they approach it. The electronic alarm is carefully timed to start as they leave their vehicle. The alarm emits a graduated sound that increases in volume, demanding and getting attention.

What will happen when they drive off? The alarm will stop sounding as soon as the parking pest drives off. The SpaceStopper will then revert to its alert status, waiting for the next vehicle to park.

Very cost effective. The product can be installed quickly, in only one visit, directly on to all types of surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and blocks without the need for any excavation or disruption.

The maintenance cost
of the remote controlled SpaceStopper is very low due to its high impact and non-corrosive manufacture. Unlike a car park post, driving over the SpaceStopper does not affect the functionality of the product. Battery changing approx every three years is the only maintenance required.

A choice of radio triggers is available. A hand held version (SPS/HH) de-activates the alarm as you leave the vehicle. The fully automatic version (SPS/CL), which is plugged permanently into the cigar lighter, automatically switches off the the alarm sequence of the SpaceStopper as the vehicle arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions about this product

Will this stop people parking in my space?
Yes, tests have shown drivers are wary about walking away from their car with the alarm sounding. It creates the impression that action will be taken.