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Car driving over a speed ramp

Speed Cushions

Highway approved rubber (bolt down) speed cushions

Rubber speed cushions are highway approved, the greatest speed reduction is achieved with a 1.9m wide cushion whereas bus routes and most general applications. Simple and very fast installation the bolt down rubber speed cushions can be securely in position on the highway and working slowing down all types of traffic within a couple of hours. Our speed cushions giving the perfect profile for a 75mm high for any type of scheme on bituminous or concrete surfaces

Developed from the experience gained in supplying over 20,000 cushions in the UK and Worldwide
, Surface Units retain the proven features of through fixing with specially manufactured stainless steel coach screws, super tough nylon plugs and polyester resin. Steel sections reinforce the construction at either end of the cushion. Hard wearing white reflective arrow markings are moulded in during the manufacturing progress for extra visibility day and night 24/7.

There is a wide choice of finished sizes of rubber speed cushions:

  • 1.6M wide x 2.0M long
  • 1.6M wide x 3.0M long
  • 1.7M wide x 2.0M long
  • 1.7M wide x 3.0M long
  • 1.8M wide x 2.0M long
  • 1.8M wide x 3.0M long
  • 1.9M wide x 2.0M long
  • 1.9M wide x 3.0M long

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Product FAQs

Which is better a speed ramp or a speed cushion?
Depends on the application and location, Speed cushions mainly are used ‘on the highway’ and our range of rubber bolt down speed ramps are used in ‘off the highway’ locations. Both types ranges of speed reducing products will slow down all types of traffic including the largest HGVs and Buses.

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