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Speed ramp warning sign

Speed Ramp and Combination Signs

Give drivers a clear message to SLOW DOWN!

Reflective warning signs for speed control the DfT layout gives drivers a clear message telling drivers how to drive safely on your car parks, roads or site. We supply a complete range of highway warning signs and in many combinations and sizes. Manufactured to BS873 and current EU regulations, our traffic signs use highly reflective signface material for maximum visibility 24/7 even in poor weather conditions. 

Designed for a long life:
 the sign faces are UV stable. Drivers will see the traffic signs clearly, day or night. Ophthalmologists claim a driver’s vision can be impaired for up to 30 seconds before their eyes adjust fully to changed light conditions. If you hold a drivers licence you will know what these DfT traffic signs mean.

Post mounted aluminium traffic signs are strengthened with channelling for use with posts and clips. The steel traffic posts have a tough grey plastic coating (as used on highways) and a top cap.

posts mount traffic signs with a 2.2 metre clearance from the bottom of the sign to ground level. 
TP2 posts mount the signs a metre high, at driver’s eye level.
TP3 posts mount the signs 1.5 metres from ground level.

Please note that our wall mounted aluminium traffic signs are un-drilled (unless requested) for mounting on to brickwork, concrete, cladding, most wall and flat surfaces. 

Signs can be fitted to existing posts and lighting columns using various size clips and stainless steel banding. Please state if signs are to be fixed back to back, for more information please call 0121 446 4433

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Product FAQs

Why use reflective traffic signs? It is an important safety feature that the driver can see the warning signs in all weather conditions, day or night.

Are these the same signs as used on the highway? All the designs and layouts are similar to the DfT specifications. We offer a larger range of warning signs in a much wider range of sizes to suit all “off highway“ sites.

The sign we need for our site is not shown! Contact our sales team (0121 446 4433) with your enquiry for special signs. We use the latest digital printing and CAD machines. Our usual answer is “no problem”.

Can I fax or email a sketch for a quote? We work from simple sketches to detailed drawings. Once the sign layout and design is in our computer we can email a scaled colour proof for your approval and instruction.

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