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Car driving over a speed ramp

SpeedStopper Installations

For asphalt, concrete or blocks

SpeedStoppers® long life solid rubber ramps follow the camber of the road or car park for easy installation. EPDM tyre compound is reinforced with carbon and is suitable for most extremes of climate repeling attack from salt, oil and ozone. This extruded rubber speed ramp is the only one on the market that can be cut to the exact size to fit your road and site.

Fixed to all types of road surfaces: Our anchor fixing bolts are designed for asphalt, concrete or blocks or even tarmac with a chemical resin. SpeedStopper ramps can be installed very quickly; it takes just a few minutes. Please note that for kerb-to-kerb locations, leave a small gap (100mm) at each end cap of the ramp for drainage and road gully cleaning. We cut our ramps, free of charge, to the exact length to suit your site, e.g. 4.85 metres, including end caps, making sure you get a perfect fit every time.

Choice of fixings options:

  1. Our most popular fixing kit pack is the plate fix. We pre-drill the ramp at approx metre centres and supply the fixing bolts, plugs and amber reflectors, an important safety feature. 
  2. The next choice is a top concealed fix where the fixing holes are drilled through the top of the ramp; please remember this version does not include a reflector. 
  3. We also have tamper proof security collars that can be hammered on to the bolt heads of the plate fix version. 
  4. We can also supply a version that can be bonded to concrete floor, call 0121 446 4433 to ask for details.

Illustrated installation instructions for our range of speed ramps are available, please email sales@hazard.co.uk and request a copy.

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Product FAQs

What is the maximum length of our speed ramps? In one piece 5.50 metres, we cut to size free of charge and ship ramps of any length to suit any road width, car park or site layout.

Why use long lengths of rubber ramp instead of small blocks assembled on site? Joints are kept to a minimum making for a stronger and longer lasting speed ramp and installation is done in minutes.

Heavy-duty plastic modular ramps are on the market. Do they work? Yes, for a limited time, it depends on traffic volumes and weights travelling over the ramps. Remember, car tyres are still made in rubber never plastic. Most of these types of low cost budget speed ramp products are moulded in recycled plastic, a material NOT designed to give a long service life.

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