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Calm traffic safely and reduce the risk of accidents

Speed Ramp Image 1
SR10 SpeedStopper ramps are designed for all vehicles large and even the very small (the bosses) car

Professional SpeedStopper® ramps gives you the best package for slowing down your traffic safely and reducing the risks of accidents on your site. Most of the ‘off highway sites’ in the UK do not have clearly marked and segregated walkways for pedestrians so the Heath and Safety Executive recommend enforcing safe speed limits of 5 to 15 m.p.h. Our product range gives you best quality rubber, with the longest working life at the lowest cost and a wide choice of reflective warning signs.

25 year design life
, our solid rubber SpeedStopper ramps perform better than most asphalt, concrete or recycled plastic versions. Worldwide there are now over 5 million bolt-down speed ramps slowing down all types of vehicles large and small every day. It is amazing to think that Hazard started the whole industry back in 1971 after our appearance on ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

For extra safety,
SpeedStopper are supplied with bright yellow end caps for improved visibility helping to make sure that drivers clearly see the ramps as they approach even in very poor weather conditions.

Cut to the correct size for your site, 3.45 metres not a problem,
our unique extruded rubber speed ramps are installed in minutes helping to avoid costly delays. There are three profiles of speed ramps available for all speeds from 5mph to 20 m.p.h. limits.

The correct hazard warning colours
black and yellow will make sure drivers get the maximum warning and that speed ramps can be clearly seen 24/7 day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions about this product

Why use rubber instead of concrete or asphalt?
Hazard invented (1971) the idea of using rubber to manufacture speed ramps to enforce and control traffic speeds without any damage to vehicles.

How high are the ramps and can all types of vehicles drive over? There are three versions, 70mm high, 60mm and 50mm for speeds from5 to 20 m.p.h., and everything from a Smart car to HGVs can drive over.

Will the ramps slow my traffic down? Yes, drivers will slow down and pass over our ramps safely but, to be effective, ramps and signs have to be seen, whatever the conditions.

Are these speed ramps safe?
Manufactured from truck tyre stock rubber to prevent any damage to vehicles as they pass over, SpeedStoppers® are designed to be much more effective than the DfT guidelines of 100mm high ramps in urban rat run areas!