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Calm traffic safely and reduce the risk of accidents

Clearly marked walkways try to keep pedestrians and vehicles safely segregated. The Health and Safety Executive recommend a safe speed off the highway from as low as 5 m.p.h. Worldwide there are now many more surface mounted bolt-down speed bumps than the traditional asphalt or concrete versions. We never tell taxi drivers that HAZARD started the whole industry back in the early 70’s after our appearance on ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

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Our professional range of SpeedStopper speed bumps can give you the best package to reduce the risk of accidents on your site by lowering the speed of most vehicles…Also this range of speed bumps are manufactured in a tough EP/SBR rubber compound similar to HGV tyre stock designed to give the longest working life at the lowest cost.

Our solid rubber SpeedStopper speed bumps can be a more effective solution than most recycled rubber, plasticversions. For extra safetySpeedStopper speed bumps are supplied with bright yellow End Caps improving visibility and driver awareness to slow down as they approach the bumps even in poor weather conditions.

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We do not charge for our cut to length bespoke service. All our solid rubber SpeedStopper speed bumps are machined at our factory before shipping to your agreed length of ramp to suit the conditions and speed limits on your site. Also installing a non-standard length i.e. 3.65-metre-longspeed bump instead of 3.50 metres can prevent drivers trying to pass over the speed bump with near or offside wheels in the gully.

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Please ask for the correct profile of speed bump from 5mph. All SpeedStopper speed bumps are shipped with self-cleaning amber reflectors the correct hazard warning colour to make sure drivers get the maximum warning and that speed ramps can be clearly seen 24/7 day and night.

Our fixing kit packs have been installed used over 500,000 times using a range anchor bolts to suit all types of road surface, asphalt, concrete, tarmac and brick paving.

The national speed limit is 30 mph and now some areas outside schools etc 20 mph. Drivers must see high intensity reflective UK highway designed signage with your site speed limit. We print and manufacture a wide choice of warning signs please call 0121 446 4433 for details…

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Product FAQs

Why rubber speed bumps?
All concrete and asphalt speed ramps have scarred where vehicles have grounded as the drive over. Made from road material they must be produced in situ and typically are very wide to drive over. Visibility is also poor because the painted marking will wear very quickly. Our invention back in the early 70’swas the idea of using tyre grade rubber to manufacture in our factory a compact speed bump.

Will the rubber speed bumps slow my traffic down?
Yes, most drivers will slow down and pass over our ramps safely and sometimes it’s as simple as the vehicle in front slows a driver down. To be effective speed bumps and warning signs must be seen 24/7 in all weathers…

Are these speed ramps safe?
Our uniform design and using good quality rubber set the standard for speed bumps to enforce and help control traffic speeds with the goal of not damaging any vehicles. At only 75mm high our SpeedStopper® speed bumps are designed to be much more effective than DfTspeed ramps and speed cushions built at a staggering 100mm high.

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