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Steel bollards

Steel Bollards

Range of Steel Bollards

Tough (UK Highways Specification) plastic coated for a long maintenance free life. We offer a choice of colours; the standards are black and yellow, the correct hazard warning colours, or black and white. We can supply steel bollards in a choice of sizes and colours to suit your site. The bollards have a steel welded top for extra protection. The bright colours are a strong visual aid to drivers, particularly when reversing. 
Choice of installation 
JB1 Foundation type steel bollards set into a concrete
foundation, planting depth of 300mm.

JB2 Simple bolt down base, large sleeve anchor bolts fix down directly on to an existing concrete base or to a prepared concrete foundation.
Reflective hooped bands of colour are supplied as standard and there is a choice of reflective yellow or white. Reflective panels make the bollards highly visible and will help warn drivers day or night and in all weather conditions.

We have a large range of high quality steel bollards starting from the traditional “Cannon” design originating from the use of old redundant cannons which were recycled and set into the Quayside to secure ships. Please call 0121 446 4433 for more details.

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Product FAQs

My car park has an asphalt surface. Which bollards should I use?
Important you cannot bolt down bollards directly onto asphalt, it is too soft a material. So there’s a choice. Either dig a hole and set the bollard into concrete or construct a concrete pad and use a bolt down bollard.

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