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Steel column protectors

Steel Column Protectors

Significantly reduces the shock loads of a vehicle impact

Simply bolted to the concrete deck, the steel uprights give the column protectors that important degree of flexibility that will help protect your property. The barrier system is normally mounted to a concrete foundation at least 25 N/mm2 which should provide for a maximum pull-out tension load of 60 KN.

The Steel Column Protectors are designed for car parking areas and offers a cost effective solution for the protection of down pipes on perimeter walls, split level and ramp areas, service installations such as ducting for air conditioning, rainwater pipes and lighting columns.

Customised Column protection is manufactured in various diameter sizes and layouts to suit your site.

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Product FAQs

Will spring steel barrier take a low speed impact?
Yes, this range is designed to absorb impacts from slow moving traffic and recover. It also reduces the effects of “shock” through concrete decks on multi-storey car parks.

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