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Crash barrier on highway

Steel Crash Barrier Rail

Designed to protect your property and reduce the risk of accidental damage from vehicles

Galvanised, hot dipped finish to BS 729 for a tough service life, Crash Barrier Rail can be assembled to any length and installed to suit your site. Each section of Barrier Rail is pre-punched for bolt down or foundation fixing posts in the middle and at each end. The middle fixing post slot is used for heavy duty applications.

Steel Rail barrier system gets strength and rigidity from the buffer rail wave section profile. There is no limit to the length of a barrier rail installation. Splayed End Wings are used at the terminations and 90 degree or 135 degree internal and external corners are available.

Barrier Rail is designed to protect your property and reduce the risk of accidental damage. Vehicles of all types and sizes reversing and manoeuvring around sites can cause damage to walls, loading decks and security fencing.

SB1 Crash Rail Barrier is manufactured in standard 3.5 metre lengths. When assembled, the Crash Barrier Rail is securely overlapped (300mm) at each joint becoming a 3.2 metre effective length when the buffer rail is installed in a continuous run.

SB1/EW End Wings
 are made in strong ductile steel. They are splayed from the corrugated barrier rail section to a flat curve. Splayed End Wings are used for extra safety at the end of each run of barrier rail.

SB1/EP ‘Z’ section posts
 (90mm x 125mm) are to be set in concrete. Fixing posts are 1100mm high with a recommended planting depth of 500mm.

SB1/BD ‘Z’ section bridge deck posts bolt down with large sleeve anchor bolts on to an existing concrete deck. Fixing posts (690mm high) for a single barrier rail installation.

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Product FAQs

Is this the same crash barrier as used on motorways?
Yes, but off the highway use is supplied and fitted un-tensioned because it is protecting property against low speed impact.

Can I bolt down on my car park?
Only on to a concrete deck, asphalt surfaces need foundations.

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