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Rubber wall buffer

SupaStopper Wall Buffer

Solid rubber wall buffer for asphalt, concrete or blocks

SupaStopper is a multi-purpose rubber wall buffer system. The wall buffer can be fixed horizontally along a wall in a continuous run or in short vertical sections. The rubber wall buffer can be also used with the solid rubber Corner Protection Buffer (CN1). The SupaStopper solid rubber wall buffer system will reduce the risk of accidental damage to your property.

Black and yellow EPDM rubber will absorb impact from trolleys and general warehouse traffic. The black rubber buffer has a bright (self-coloured rubber) yellow stripe, the correct hazard warning colours for a smart and professional finish.

Solid rubber has been proven to be the best material
 to absorb impact. This product range can be used for both internal and external applications. Unlike plastic wall buffers, the SupaStopper recovers its shape 99.9% even after a heavy impact.

Concealed fixings The metal fixing bracket (500mm long) holds the SupaStopper wall buffer firmly in place. The yellow rubber infill strip is snapped into the buffer after it has been firmly located and fixed in place stopping the risk of any accidental impact damage from the bolt heads.

The SupaStopper wall buffer system
 is available in long lengths and we offer a free cut to size service to supply the product to the exact size to suit your site. The buffer is a proven compact design.

Heavy-duty applications. The wall buffer can also be mounted in a double row on most surfaces, spaced at 300mm centres.

 140mm wide x 40mm thick wall buffer and available in continuous lengths of buffer up to 5 metres.

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Product FAQs

What is a typical use for this wall buffer?
The Supastopper has a concealed fixing and is used in warehouses to protect
property from traffic movements. It can also be mounted vertically in short strips for vehicles to park against.

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