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Elvis is dead newspaper headline

The King of Sausage Rolls

A few days ago a visitor told me he had been driving past our site for years and this was the first time he managed to pop in. I know we have for over 40 years and I told him the date we moved is still listed on Google. I explained, Google the day Elvis died (Tuesday 16th August 1977) that’s when we moved here!

I didn’t finish the story. I remember arrivingvery early that day, keen to get started on our new site.Before I started work I popped round next door to introduce myself and met a very nice lady called Pat. She looked upset, so I asked if she was feeling ok?Turned out she was feeling sad because Elvis was dead, I asked had she had Elvis a long time? 

Pat clearly thought I was mad, she was a huge Elvis fan and he had died suddenly overnight, I had not heard any news that morning and thought she was talking about her cat…

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