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Wheel guides installed in loading bay

Wheel Guides

Direct reversing traffic safely and quickly in to loading bays

Large tubular steel wheel guides are designed to direct reversing traffic safely and quickly on to loading bays. Finished in a bright yellow the wheel guides are a strong visual aid to drivers as they reverse.

The heavy-duty steel construction
 allows for the wheels of even a fully loaded triple axle maximum weight trailer to ride up the wheel guide giving the driver a strong signal to stop and drive forward to reposition the truck correctly.

Get those large trailers lined up and docked, 
safety in loading bays is important especially when the warehouse is a chilled store and the bay has an air and weather seal around the docking bay to prevent the loss of that expensive chilled air. 

Bolt down option to locate the wheel guides.
 The preferred version is fit the bolt down guide, installation is simply a matter of bolting down the guides at their base plates located at each end of the wheel guide. The base plates have four corner holes for 20/120mm sleeve anchor fixing bolts so fitting needs a total of 8 holes to be drilled into the concrete deck, this makes the product very secure and needing little maintenance.

Foundation version.
 This version of the wheel guide can be fitted as a retro item using diamond drilling. The cutting out of a substantial concrete core is a time consuming option and requires a specialised installation crew. The wheel guide is located into the drilled hole and secured in place with an epoxy grout that has a fast curing time.

Both options will require some down time to be installed for each loading bay dock. It is important that the method statement and risk assessment indentify the safety issues working in busy load bay areas where there are lot of vehicle movements. 

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Product FAQs

What width are the wheel guides set to? 
The standard is 2.6 metres the same as a trailer parking bay but clearly sites differ and the siting of the wheel guides should allow for any issues on that site.  

How long are they? 
Wheel guide are 2 metres long, the steel tubular construction has a thick wall thickness to take the impact of the heaviest trailer getting it all wrong and riding up the guide.  

Will the loading bay be out of action while the guides are being fitted? 
Using powered percussion hammer drillers the installation time should be 4 to 5 hours for two men, marking out the bay, drilling and securing two wheel guides.

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